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Search engine giant Baidu Inc is gearing up to take its mapping services beyond borders with an ambitious goal to have 50% of its map users coming from outside of China by 2020.为构建到2020年百度地图50%的用户来自海外的雄心壮志,搜索引擎巨头百度公司于是以集中力量将其地图服务推展至海外市场。Baidu said on last Tuesday that it will launch Baidu Map in more than 150 countries and regions by the end of 2016, with an initial plan to serve the navigation demands of Chinas more than 100m outbound travelers.百度公司于上周二月宣告,将于2016年底前在全球150多个国家和地区发售百度地图,可行性计划是符合中国1亿多出境旅客的导航系统市场需求。Then we will gradually launch mapping services in local languages and gain overseas users. The ultimate goal is to build Baidu Map into a truly globalized mapping service provider, said Li Dongmin, general manager of Baidu Map.百度地图总经理李东旻回应:“随后我们将逐步发售本地语言版本的地图服务,以夺得海外用户。


最后的目标是将百度地图打导致确实国际化的地图服务供应商。”The internationalization plan puts Baidu Map, which has more than 300 million monthly active users in China, in direct competition with the top global mapping service provider, Google Map.在中国早已享有3亿用户的百度地图,接下来的国际化战略将使其与世界顶级地图服务产品谷歌地图构成必要竞争。Baidu Map, which started to offer overseas services in 2014, has already expanded to 18 countries and regions, mostly in Asia Pacific, such as Japan, South Korea, Thailand and Singapore.在2014年就打开海外战略的百度地图目前早已扩展到18个国家和地区,其中绝大部分集中于在亚太地区,如日本、韩国、泰国和新加坡等。



Baidu said the surging demand from Chinese outbound travelers is the main reason for it to speed up the expansion plan.百度公司方面回应,中国回国海外游客的减少,进而产生的反感市场需求是百度减缓其全球扩展计划的主要原因。I have to say the requests for our mapping services are beyond our expectation, said Li, adding the company doesnt put a cap on the resources on its globalization plan.李东旻回应:“被迫托的是客户对于地图服务的市场需求相比之下远超过了我们的希望。”并且他还回应,公司对于百度地图全球化战略的投放将不另设下限。

But whether or not Baidu Map can win the hearts of those who were born and raised outside China is still a question.但是,百度地图能否夺得海外用户的注目还依然是个疑惑。To compete with other mapping services in overseas markets, Baidu said it is working to integrate more local services, such as restaurant booking and ride hailing into the mapping service, just like it does in China.为了同其它地图产品展开竞争,百度方面回应,将增大与当地服务商的合作力度,比如糅合在中国的经验,在地图服务的基础上减少酒店预约、微信服务等。